Charles Barkley on issues with NIL and NCAA

Name, image and likeness agreements are revolutionizing NCAA sports. But Charles Barkley believes the NCAA has lost control of the situation, which will lead to trouble.

NIL is one of the top buzzwords in college basketball as analysts and commentators discuss its impact.

Barkley, an analyst at March Madness, understands the NIL’s problems, because he speaks to players and coaches as a former college and NBA player.

In “Inside the Green with Danny GreenBarkley spoke about NIL and how he feels the NCAA is handling the situation:

“I don’t know what the hell that said, but the NCAA, they’re bone heads. They should have tackled some of this stuff 20 years ago. As they say, now the toothpaste is out of the tube, and now we can” t put it back there. I don’t know how this thing will end.”

The NIL, in conjunction with the transfer portal situation, is becoming a mess for college basketball. Several coaches and people in senior positions have criticized the current system.

While mistakes made by those responsible for NIL agreements are an issue, Barkley believes the most significant issue will be for players.

Charles Barkley on how the NIL is impacting NCAA players

Charles Barkley believes the pay gap in name, image and likeness agreements can lead to problems.
Charles Barkley believes the pay gap in name, image and likeness agreements can lead to problems.

With the rise of the name, image and likeness business, some athletes became millionaires and received various gifts and expensive products. In contrast, other players saw their situations change little.

Charles Barkley believes the gap between top college players and players who aren’t superstars can lead to serious problems.

“(Paolo Banchero and Jabari Smith) are going to get great NIL deals and Chet Holmgren. Those are probably going to be the top three picks in the draft, but the other guys on the team are like, ‘This guy got a car deal, he got a car deal. meal, and he’s got all this money he’s making, I work as hard as he does. So I think it’s going to be really bad.”

Some of the top players are using their agreements and the transfer portal as leverage in their negotiations with colleges.

Isaiah Wong’s situation prompted Barkley’s comments and all the discussion about NIL agreements. Wong, a prominent guard at the University of Miami, threatened to leave the school if his NIL deal was not increased. (Wong also entered the NBA draft, but may return to school.) Wong, however, said he will remain at the school shortly after the statement is made public.

The pay gap between teammates is at the root of Wong’s situation, so Barkley already has evidence to back up his argument.

The current college basketball system created free agency, with each player as a free agent at all times.

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