Tamar Braxton responded to reports that she was in contact with David Adefeso after the torture lawsuit and the restraining order.

The departure of Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso was a public train wreck. There were abuse charges and a restraining order, with Braxton strongly expected to drive him. But after the interaction between the two, many people wonder if they are having a good time. Braxton shared the news on his Instagram account. David Adefeso … Read more

How much did he leave before he died?

Traci Renee Braxton was born in Severn, Maryland on April 2, 1971. Her parents were very religious. Her father was a pastor and her mother was a pastor who first worked as a musician. Traci Braxton was raised in a strong religious family with four sisters and one brother, it is believed. Traci’s first musical … Read more

Tamar Braxton leaves on sister Trina’s birthday after people took away ‘Braxton Family Values’

Tamar Braxtonthe celebration post in honor of his sister Trina BraxtonDec. 47th birthday came after fans told the duo’s family story. “Braxton Family Properties. ” “Braxton Family Values,” or “BFV,” is a We TV television series that follows the lives of Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, Tamar, and the show’s matriarch Evelyn Braxton. “BFV” was launched … Read more

Kevin Hart gets a good look at the blue and black shirts during the Netflix movie Lift in Venice

Kevin Hart was impressed when he filmed Lift, an upcoming Netflix comedy, in Venice on Monday – however, he was seen with his phone all around. The prostitute, 42, wore a sexy show in a dark blue shirt that she paired with black shirts and leather shoes as she walked through the Italian city. Throwing … Read more

First life, career and more! – Geography

Traci Braxton was an American singer, songwriter, actress, and television star with a fortune of $ 800,000 at her death. Toni Braxton is best known as the sister of R&B superstar Toni Braxton, but she made a name for herself. Toni Braxton started a professional music business after performing on film. Traci Braxton died of … Read more