Tommy Welch and his father Scott, Mike Tyson’s former bodyguard, prepare to chase an elusive world title | Boxing News Sky News

Tommy Welch has had enough of waiting — despite his broken fist — and now the frustrated heavyweight is ready to continue his family’s quest for a world title. Cruel luck kept the undefeated 27-year-old in the ring for seven months, but Welch is currently gearing up to retire in June. Joining the exciting prospect … Read more

Deontay Wilder is in business and remains one of boxing’s hottest spots in the chapters after his Tyson Fury.boxing news sky news

Boxing prides itself on its sweet science. With his feints, his blind-finishing jabs, his ring IQ, his southpaw-orthodox alternation, he relies on discipline to exercise ferocity. Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury’s infatuation and fanaticism stemmed in part from their mastery over them, with Anthony Joshua struggling in September’s loss to the Ukrainian at Tottenham Hotspur … Read more

Hit the target boxing extravaganza in Matane

Decoration promotion ©Photo Dominique Fortier and William Lépine – Advantages of Gaspes Many spectators who gathered in the Colisée Béton department in Matane on Saturday night were stunned by the boxing extravaganza that was reopened after being forced to close for two years due to the pandemic. For this big comeback, boxing fans fought 13 … Read more

Boxing in the middle of the NBA Finals

In the ’70s, the NBA lived more in the rhythm of battles on the floor than the exploits of its players. Spencer Haywood, who lived through this period, even remembers the almost daily exchange of pleasantries. There isn’t necessarily a real reason. In this series of scrimmages, some have taken on a greater scope or … Read more

The 8 best boxing games of all time

Boxing games are definitely a niche genre. As with most sports and sports games, you certainly don’t have to be a fan of the sport in question to enjoy games based on that sport. At the time, many players were not football fans, but that didn’t stop the Tecmo Bowl team from being a huge … Read more

Boxing: Jean Pascal’s history repeats itself

Wed 25 May 2022 07:00 There is an old adage in politics, you should never let your opponent define you. “Done,” “exhausted,” and most recently, “doping,” all the words of his critics that Jean Pascal has heard over the years, but he never considered that they could apply to him. For years, promoters were convinced … Read more

He wants a belt, he wants to win again

The former will have the opportunity to take a major step in his young career as he fights for the vacant WBC continental welterweight title. The winner will receive an automatic ranking of the top 15 in the world. Akdeniz (16-0, KO) will have to fight Mexican veteran Juan Antonio Rodriguez (32-8, 28 KO). The … Read more