Canadian Boxing | ‘We need an update’

The Canadian boxing team can now “look to the future,” says Yvon Michel.

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Jean-François Teotonio

Jean-François Teotonio

The news reached Sunday afternoon. Daniel Trépanier, Canada’s head of boxing high performance, has resigned. A series of testimony, which began last Wednesday with a letter signed by more than 120 people, specifically accused him of creating a “toxic climate” in the Commonwealth.

Yvon Michel, general manager of the Canadian Boxing Association’s board of directors, reached by phone Monday morning said Trépanier’s resignation has been accepted because we “believe he made the right decision.”

“Daniel emphasized the promoter based on the decisions he made personally. And, I think, it was in the best interests of Canadian boxing. He realized he was no longer the right person for the job.

“We have great testimonials from all over,” Michelle added. […] We need to update. There are many exciting places around. »

In particular, Trépanier is accused of harassment, favoritism, sexism, injustice, security and transparency in incidents that have occurred since 2008. Kim Clavel’s coach, Danielle Bouchard, even talked about being “a little inept” last Friday.

Also on Monday, Bouchard spoke of “the sport’s winning form” and “relieved”.

“It’s huge,” she added by phone. It’s really big. When it happened and word got out, it was hard to believe.

“It was a happy time. The moment when you say to yourself that in the end, all the hard work we’ve done, all the work that’s been done over the years trying to change things […] Let’s hope boxing has a better world. »


Danielle Bouchard (right), coach of boxer Kim Clavel


Michelle served on the Canadian Boxing Council in 2019.

“I’ve heard a lot of people’s discomfort with Daniel, and in discussions around me, he admits. But I’d say the whole board Since last summer, I really realized something big was happening. »

He mentioned the gesture after Boxing Canada. A May 4 statement from the federation – in response to the letter – mentioned the formation of an advisory group to “ensure transparency in high-performance decision-making”. Others spoke of “separating the role of high-performance executive from coaching responsibilities,” one of the main complaints against Trepanier.

Still, “nothing has changed,” according to Bouchard.

“Even if it doesn’t seem obvious, we have taken steps to try to rectify the situation,” Michele defended. “Concrete measures to ensure the protection of athletes and their supervision.

“But let’s say, in what happened this weekend, we went a little further. »

“We’re ready to roll up our sleeves”

news Tried to contact Canadian Boxing Association President Ryan Savage by phone. His reply was sent via email.

He briefed us on the measures announced in a press release issued on Sunday, noting that “with [ses] Provincial Partnerships” has begun.

“Our priority and focus is on improving Boxing Canada’s governance model and its transparency,” Ryan Savage wrote. We also want to keep our athletes and coaches safe so they can thrive in a healthy and inclusive environment. »

If this research is clearly only in its infancy, Michelle already has a goal in mind.

We face major challenges. Paris 2024 is not far away.

Yvonne Michel

“We need a massive mobilization of Canadian expertise so that we can replace the heads of high-performing programs in the short term. Having competent, certified coaches who will be able to take over and restore the confidence of the entire national team to get the best result. ”

The sponsor argues that Canada “has everything it needs” to help bring the Commonwealth back to life.

“We often talk about recruiting people from the outside to build them and lead our team,” he explained. We did it twice, without success. Many times, you end up meeting someone with a different culture and perspective. »

“We have a very talented group of young coaches who are just hoping for luck,” concludes Michelle, who is “in favor” of local and national circuits to restart the program.

We asked Bouchard if she was ready to replace Trépanier’s name. A priori, the trainer explained, “We didn’t see a favorite name there”.

“When we were in the pendant, we didn’t think about who could take the place. »

But she ended up nominating two candidates: Ariane Fortin and Mandy Bujold.


Ariana Fortin

“These are ex-athletes who take the sport to heart and are part of the process [pour faire bouger les choses]. and others.

“One thing is for sure: it takes dedicated people, people who have athletes at heart. That will be the main goal. »

She also noted that there needs to be “good communication with the provinces, the coaches, the participation of everyone so that everyone is rowing in the same direction,” added Danielle Bouchard.

On Michel’s side, we judge that Trépanier’s departure is “a thing of the past”.

“We look forward to it,” he said. We have a lot of work to do, and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves. »

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