Braxtons said Traci’s sister’s husband used her death

The Braxton sisters not only want their youngest sister Traci to rest in peace, but her husband and boss will “use” their sister to death, insiders said.

Braxtons’ beloved sister Traci died two weeks ago after a year of battling esophageal cancer, and her husband and driver planned to check it out with Zoom links and a funeral services against his last wishes, according to the sources.

“Traci doesn’t want a funeral or a wake. He didn’t want people to look at his whole body. She asked to be fired immediately … There was a Zoom meeting where she explained what she wanted, and her husband was trying to get her name changed, “said Braxton writer on page six.

Traci’s husband Kevin Surratt has been keeping an eye on her for the past week and her famous sisters Tamar, Trina, Towanda, Toni and their mother Evelyn Braxton have left to attend. Their father, Michael Conrad Braxton, was identified, but we were told he was turned over at the door “because he wasn’t on the list.”

Traci Braxton and Kevin Surratt
Traci Braxton with her husband Kevin Surratt in 2019.
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“She was upset she wasn’t on the list. Someone in the church saw him and let him in and he had to sit in the fourth row, “said the occupant.

Braxton’s father was not allowed to “say or say any words about his daughter,” the insider added.

Surratt, who has been married to Traci for nearly 30 years, said it was not true and “my father -in -law and brother -in -law came in briefly. He also insisted that he invite the sisters but , “They did not report.”

Tamar, Towanda, Tony and Trina Braxton.
Traci’s famous sisters Tamar, Towanda, Toni and Trina Braxton (above) refused to attend the memorial service hosted by her husband, believing it was against their brother’s wishes. .
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Braxton was held for a year before he died in March, and our insider said, “Traci’s husband had planned his funeral months before he died. He knows that, but he is talking to others about it.

Surratt said he granted his wife’s wishes and “explained everything about the cemetery” before she passed away.

Traci Braxton, Trina Braxton, and Evelyn Braxton.
Traci Braxton – pictured above with sister Trina and mother Evelyn – did not like a traditional funeral.
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“My wife and I … more than anyone in the world. I saw my wife, and when she got cancer, we really started talking about funeral arrangements and trying. I went to each of her doctors when we got married, and they treated me like that. [deadbeat] husband, “she said.

He also said, “Traci wants an experience and a memorial service to come together with her leadership, PR and other members to come together and celebrate her.”

On Thursday, Traci’s boss, Cliff Jones, who was said to have “given up driving jobs” before he passed away, said it was more “not harmful to the family” in the care. to a real funeral service.

Traci Braxton, Evelyn Braxton, Towanda Braxton and Trina Braxton.
Traci Braxton with her mother Evelyn and sisters, Towanda and Trina at SiriusXM Studios in 2018.
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A source told us that Jones had visited gospel artists Kim Burrell and Byron Cage to play at the service, but “they pulled away when they realized the sisters weren’t involved,” he said. them.

“You need a barcode to enter. It’s a whole process, ”they said.

The first teacher, who told us Traci’s body was burned, “No one called to ask the family anything. No one called her mother, father, sisters to speak. , ‘What do you think – for something.’ ”

The family hopes to record their personal memory “as Traci requested” on April 2, Traci’s 51st birthday, according to our teacher.

Traci’s most famous brother, Toni, confirmed the personal memory during a show at “Tamron Hall” on Tuesday.

Toni Braxton and Tamron Hall
Toni Braxton opened up to talk to host Tamron Hall about her sister’s death earlier this week.
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“Her birthday is coming up soon – in a second – and I’m going to celebrate with my sisters and have a great Traci day… So I’m happy with that,” the hurt singer told Hall.

Surratt also acknowledged the personal service and said, “I wasn’t invited… No one sent me any kind of invitation.”

Toni and Hall did not talk about the look of the past week and his upcoming funeral, but the first teacher told the family the situation was very sad.

The Braxtons at "Famous family feud."
The Braxtons were also seen in “Celebrity Family Feud.”
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“They want to leave their sister to rest and continue to celebrate her life, and they want peace of mind,” they said.

Surratt thinks “it’s not true. I met her wish. Traci made our son the realization of her destiny because she knew [her family] He will not come after her. Let them come after me.

How does Traci feel about the family fight after her death?

“She didnʻt like it. He fought until the end. I just pray it’s worth it, ”Surratt said.


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