Braxton Family Treasures: Season 5 Episode 9 ‘Wasband’s Back’ [Weekly Recap]


I LA, O Traci Braxton visitors to confuse with Tamar Braxtonwhen the baby comes out of his cooking pot, he wants to forget the beef tail on his tail. Traci likes to talk about her babies after her hysterectomy and how her lower back is falling apart as her biggest activity. Traci’s minor illness requires a few dry fat peas. Tamar was disgusted and said there was no calabash, salt, pepper, or butter with those beans now. Because of Traci’s pain, Tamar recommends a Chinese medicine, acupuncture. Anything is better than an ice pack of vegetables.


Trina Braxton is still preparing Gabe go throw in the door of Bar Chix. Atlanta is always there for a replacement. Gabe is taken by the fence and turns a little talking to the left so it’s better to be apart.


Return to LA, Traci, Towanda Braxton, Toni Braxton, and Tamar joined in because of some lameness. Toni’s last show is coming up at ATL and she wants all of her sisters to play on stage which has become a topic for drinks and cards.

This is the time to visit an acupuncturist in LA and Tamar comes. Traci hopes to return to her “normal”. Her hands were dedicated to relaxing Traci’s symptoms and it was like an apple martini for Tamar. Resting with these needles and pins for 30 minutes is not an option! Her orgasms can’t be recorded today and sometimes it’s too good to be true and it becomes a nuisance for Tamar to have her little boy in the same room. Her stomach ached and she thought she had done something to get Tamar back to life.


Traci, Tamar and Trina are in the park for a walk. Trina thinks of the bags. He didn’t like the birds as he was holding Towanda’s hand carrying his entire car. Towanda’s drink was Trina’s top customer and Tamar asked to be different from the ‘Yes, God’ drink. Tamara thanks him for everything. Trina hasn’t experienced “crackerization” in a while. “You left with Black Nasty two weeks ago,” Tamar said. Towanda got that. She takes a break from dating, but Gabe agrees. Tamar wanted to know if she should answer or just listen. He talked about their in -depth conversation and the decision they had made. He’s trying to do something, but only with it. Love is only a good thing. Tamar thinks that’s what to do when you’re dealing with that golden ding-a-ling and isn’t sure why. Tamar wants to be a life coach for her and only wants the best for her. He will have to make sure to meet this week for Tamar Ministries Church later.



At ATL, it’s time to take a look at the final sound as Toni’s backing vocals. Traci asks Trina to put some perfume inside. Toni arrives and not everything is right on stage. “We can watch,” Toni said. It was time to stand on stage and Towanda and Trina had something in their hands for the final show. Their toast is a great way to go out with a plate. Each sister on stage plays their own programs. The sisters were surprised at Toni, but did not think he was surprised at them. Toni invited a visitor to the stage to show the crowd standing by, like Bonnie to her Clyde. Trina knew he was a friend Human birds, but is this the man she dated today? This is a show that no one will forget right now, ”Trina said happily.



Take a look at how the film unfolds between Gabe and Trina in the full event below.

On Friday, Gabe is back in Trina’s life and the sisters aren’t happy about it, but wait to hear what he thinks right now on WE tv at 9:00 PM ET.

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