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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — We’ve reached a point in the University of Louisville’s dance with the NCAA where the only thing left for their administrators, coaches, athletes and fans to do is SCREAMMM!!!!!!

SHOUT OUT about the national media’s relentless glorification of Dollar Bill Self and Kansas Jayhawks.

You didn’t need to listen to an FBI wiretap to find out that Kansas beat North Carolina for the 2022 national title Monday night in New Orleans. Mentions of program problems with the NCAA, including allegations of five Level I violations, were rare and reluctant. Analysts were more likely to speculate whether Self and Kansas might do it again next season.

The Jayhawks had their place in the same “Pay for Play” scandal that tainted Louisville basketball. Who knew?

Play – and have fun in Lawrence.

Kansas coach Bill Self. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

SHOUT OUT on how the most challenging thing for former U of L coach Rick Pitino to sue over the past month was watching St. rounds of the NCAA Tournament.

This was the same San Pedro team that Pitino’s Iona team defeated by eight and nine points to win the 2022 Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference title. That had Pitino frowning.

But at least Pitino was two seasons back in his Division I college coaching career. The Louisville show that fired Pitino in 2017 has been waiting 4 and a half years for answers about his possible punishment for the school’s role in this scandal.

SHOUT OUT on the news that was confirmed in Kingston, Rhode Island on Wednesday morning:

Former Indiana coach Archie Miller has indeed hired former U of L and IU assistant coach Kenny Johnson as one of his top assistants at the University of Rhode lsland.

This is the same Kenny Johnson who was fired in Louisville in 2017 and then removed from the staff at LaSalle University of Philadelphia in May 2020, shortly after Johnson was named in an NCAA notice of allegations that pertained to his time in Louisville. .

Depending on which story you believe, Johnson did or did not give Brian Bowen, father of U of L recruit Brian Bowen II, $1,300 in cash to help with housing costs during the short time the Bowens were in Louisville. .

Rhode Island believes in Johnson — and it also believes in his ability to get and develop players who can help the program start winning the Atlantic Conference 10 again. The school’s athletic director said he was aware of Johnson’s situation, but said Johnson comes to Rhode Island with “the highest recommendations.”

“He’s had great success at every level, whether it’s the high school ranks, the AAU ranks and also the college game,” Miller said. “Kenny will have a heavy hand in recruiting, not just on the East Coast, but specifically in the DMV area.”

Good for them. Good for Pitino. Good for Kansas.

Are we forgetting someone? Only the U of L basketball program.

I’m not saying the NCAA needs to give Louisville a break or that it needs to throw an anvil at the Cardinals.

I’m saying the school deserves a resolution. An answer. A chance to move on without living in 2017.

That was two sporting directors. That was five coaches. That was many, many players ago.

New Cards coach Kenny Payne has been in the job for less than two weeks. He’s still assembling his team. He’s analyzing your list.

As Payne begins, one of his main hurdles will be overcoming the uncertainties created by the NCAA’s background noise. During his introductory press conference, Payne said he asked U of L acting athletic director Josh Heird to outline the possible worst-case scenario in the NCAA matter.

Payne heard the worst case and even left the Knicks for Louisville. This was the most encouraging development of the entire saga.

But the NCAA needs to do better as it loses relevance in college sports. Its inability to monitor and enforce rules that many programs no longer accept helps explain why the organization remains as popular as a flat tire in a storm.

We’ve been in this mess for over 4 and a half years and probably over six months of a resolution. I said likely. Never put a watch on the NCAA. Deadlines are against NCAA regulations.

This undermines the credibility of the process. We shouldn’t still be worrying about 2017 in April 2022. The investigative and trial processes need to move faster.

Kansas waved off the NCAA – and won the national championship.

Pitino backed off, went to Europe and has been back in the game for two full seasons.

Johnson had a fresh start in LaSalle and now another in Rhode Island.

And the U of L basketball program is waiting, imagining, and waiting — just as it has been for 4 1/2 years.

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