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Ahead of Saturday’s BOXXER Series Championship in Manchester, we meet some of the heavyweights vying for the title.

“Johnny Nelson was a great mentor to me”

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Sheldon McDonald will compete in the lightweight BOXXER series on Saturday night — see the 25-year-old’s emotional journey so far.

In his own words, Sheldon MacDonald “has been through a lot” in his life.

The 25-year-old lost his brother to suicide in 2017, a tragedy that will break the heart of even the most resilient. But MacDonald took the advice of a bereavement counselor who helped him deal with his grief, channeling his emotions into a positive outlet. boxing.

“It’s a tragedy,” MacDonald said. “The only way I can focus is to go to the gym, lose weight, and improve my mental health.”

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Sheldon McDonald is aiming for success in the Boxxer series at heavyweight with an eye toward a bright future after humble beginnings.

McDonald’s will have a familiar face on Saturday night sky sports Spectators and boxing fans in his corner, Johnny Nelson.

The longest-serving world heavyweight champion in history, holding the WBO title from 1999 to 2005, Nelson knew the division and immediately spotted the genius at McDonald’s.

MacDonald said: “Jonny Nelson saw me training during the suspension and he said ‘you’re good enough’. I took that advice and took it.

“He was a very important mentor to me and he really helped my mentality. Look where he came from, look at his career.”

Sheffield-born Nelson hopes McDonald’s will be the next big hit to inspire the city’s younger generation of boxing talent.

Boxxer Series Quarterfinal Draw

  • Ellis Zorro (11-0) v. Jay Farrell (9-2, five knockouts)
  • Jamie Smith (3-0, two KOs) vs. Jack Fay (1-0-1)
  • Ricky Reeves (2-0, 1 KO) vs. Anees Taj (5-1, 4 KO)
  • Sheldon McDonald (3-0, 1 KO) v. Ryan Cottrell (1-0, 1 KO)

“The gym he came from was a ghetto,” Nelson said. “I want him to pull up in a flash car after he gets caught in a big fight, park outside, and come here to practice…because all he has to do is inspire people in the area.

He added: “I was inspired by Sheldon’s story because it was real.

“It’s not about being famous, it’s not what he’s after. He’s after it for the right reasons, for real reasons, in honor of his brother.”

MacDonald believes he can honor his brother in the most fitting way possible by fighting his way through Saturday night to win a third Boxxer series title.

“When you have a positive mindset, positive things really come back into your life.”

Teacher by day, boxing champion by night?

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Watch heavyweight boxer Ricky Reeves live outside the ring ahead of the Boxxer series on the Sky Sports app from 6.30pm.

Being a boxer and first-year principal at your local high school doesn’t always go hand in hand.

Ricky Reeves, 31, head of Year 10 at Parkwood College in Sheffield, said: “I looked funny when I walked in with black eyes and stuff, but they were very support me.”

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Ricky Reeves thinks he has beaten Anees Taj, who will face him in the quarter-finals of the BOXXER series in Manchester.

Principal Gemma Cottingham said Reeves joined the school during lockdown, initially in a behavioural role, but was quickly admitted due to his “excellent support for students”.

“We think Ricky and his performance outside the academy and in the ring are impressive,” Cottingham added. “But the nurturing and supportive side of him that we see in the academy is critical to the complete package that Ricky can provide.”

Reeves will have the full support of Packwood on Saturday night, but he’s only played in two games so far, knowing that staying calm and focused in front of so many crowds and TV cameras will be the key to his success.

“A lot of things will be me controlling my nerves, controlling the atmosphere,” he said. “I think I’ll take it all in stride and enjoy it – that’s the most important thing.”

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Although Reeves got some funny looks when he returned to school Monday with a dark eye or two, he set a great example for his students.

“We are incredibly proud of him and what he has accomplished,” Cottingham said. “For him to do something outside of the academy in addition to the big role he plays here, it’s really inspiring for the students.

“It shows them that we can achieve without a glass ceiling.”

“I dream every day – 40G to go to the bank!”

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Heavyweight Ryan Cotterell shares with us his life outside the ring ahead of his boxer series live on the Sky Sports app at 6.30pm.

“Get ready to watch some big knockouts. Bash!”

Ryan Cotterell, 22, from Wolverhampton, is full of confidence, admitting: “Everything I do in life is hit or miss.”

But don’t let the all-or-nothing attitude fool you, because Cottrell is going all out when he’s on the court, and more specifically, preparing for Saturday night.

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Ryan Cotterell feels very confident ahead of his fight against Sheldon McDonald in the BOXXER series in Manchester.

“When I’m in the gym, I’m the most focused person there, and I’m going to train the hardest — I don’t skip the news, the sit-ups in training,” Cottrell said.

“Boxing just gave me something that nothing else can, a buzz you can’t get from anything else. I love that.

“All I did was look forward to the fight of the night. I knew when I walked out there and everyone called my name, I was going to be buzzing.”

Cotterell eats, sleeps and breathes boxing, a recurring dream that dominates his mind, especially in preparation for Saturday’s Boxxer series.

“I dream every day – 40G in the bank!”

Cotterell knows exactly how he intends to make this dream come true. “If I do a decent half-hit on someone, they’re going to fall easily.”

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