Boxing: One Step Too High for Saul “Canelo” Alvarez

MONTREAL — Dmitry Bivor defeated Saul “Canelo” Alvarez by unanimous decision Saturday night in Las Vegas, boxing’s biggest upset so far this year one. But, nonetheless, is this result somewhat predictable?

In Mark Ramsay’s eyes it reaches a certain level. ‘Canelo”s transition to light heavyweight ended up being too ambitious, even though the first duel of the most popular boxer in the category on the planet already ended with his victory over Sergey Kovalev And ended.

“It’s not so much a bivor, it’s a light heavyweight,” Ramsey analyzed on the sidelines of a training session for his protégé David Lemieux at the Montreal Coliseum Thursday morning. Contenders. Facing Kovalev is one thing, but “Canelo”‘s victory is one thing timing.

“At one point, one of my boxers could choose to face [Adonis] Stevenson or Kovalev, we choose the latter for the environment and timing. His career is no longer in the same position and we doubt his motives. You should know we read everything! You always have to know the right time to attack a boxer.

“In the specific case of ”Canelo”, he was an athlete who played well in his final game, and I think his team completely underestimated the category. They’re real big men, 175 pounds. Even He’s big, “Canelo” is still smaller than David. »

That said, Ramsey didn’t undercut Bivor, who led Alvarez in field goals (710 to 495) and field goals (152 to 84) in each of the 12 rounds. Of course, it’s only physically that Alvarez is most effective.

“Unsurprisingly, Bivol controlled the start of the fight with his reach and movement, but everyone was waiting for the moment ‘Canelo’ managed to hurt him. We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time throughout the fight, but It didn’t come in the end!

“Several rounds passed, and at one point, ‘Canelo’ didn’t seem to have any other options. He never tried boxing and combo work. He went there with the same method, clicked, and hoped that his opponent would end up like the other Broken like a human.

“It has to be said that Bivol has a tailor-made game plan. Here’s how the trap works: he doesn’t give ‘Canelo’ anything. He’s more vigilant than usual, which is why ‘Canelo’ can never settle hit him and seriously injure him.

“It’s something that happens a lot in boxing history. [Roberto] Duran, if not a better boxer than ‘Canelo’, lost to [Thomas] Hearn, he’s too big. [Felix] Trinidad destroyed everyone at 147 lbs and experienced the same thing at 160 lbs. “

‘A sport that’s going to get really ugly’

Obviously, the failure of “Canelo” will have a major impact on the boxing industry, as everyone who wants to face him will have to postpone the project indefinitely. Among them, the unified WBC-IBF light heavyweight champion, XX Artur Beterbiev.

“There is a contract to respect [Gennadiy] Ramsay clarified that Golovkin will have a rematch with Bivor. Everyone’s project has been delayed by a few years! On our side, we’ll have the media discuss Arthur’s best opponent after his win over Joe Smith Jr. (the fight will take place in New York on June 18, editor’s note).

“Having said that, we will not wait for anyone, we will only face the best. All we want is backlash. The best. »

At 37, Beterbiev hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, but he won’t needlessly prolong his career in order to take on “Canelo.” Mind you, the Russian-born Montreal native recently signed a contract extension with his promoter Top Rank.

“As long as we’re having fun and performing, I’ll be by his side,” Ramsay vowed. In any case, Arthur is too proud of an athlete to agree to drop it halfway.

“A career is like a taxi meter, it never looks back. One day, it will be enough. Everyone wants to perform, but doing so will come at the expense of their health… Those are things that I cannot accept. At least this is what my work ethic demands.

“I don’t want to see my boxers become slaves to boxing. I’ve seen them in other teams in the past and I think it’s unfortunate, it’s ugly. Boxing can be beautiful, but when you’re enslaved, when you have no choice, When you have to box to bring home a little money because you can’t do anything, it’s something that can unfortunately get pretty ugly.

“I don’t want to go in that direction with any of my boxers. Clearly. »

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