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Friday, United Fight Night at the Brest Arena

“Boys like him will make you want to wet their shirts for them. Killian is a very disciplined, serious, dedicated person. Always on time and always a pleasure to be there”. 2011 Muay Thai World Champion Aïello Batono is well aware of the high level experience. “Everything is easy with Killian”, the 24-year-old won his first title as a French boxing champion (-75kg) last March.

Requirements and Discipline

Lobjois is a graduate of Menez Hom Boxing Club on the Crozon Peninsula and approached Batonon a few months ago, as well as his Star Boxing gym in Brest, to improve his fitness and continue his Muay Thai training. To say he found someone to talk to would be an understatement.

“Boxing is a demanding sport and requires very strict discipline”, Aïello Batonon explained, between the instructions given to the other students in his room on the day of our meeting. If the weather is fine outside, the inside of the gym is a sweaty oven full of sweat and the obvious noise of sandbags rattling around.

Killian Loobjois, posing in front of the back wall of the Star Boxe room in the commercial port of Brest. (Telegram / Thierry Dillasser)

Four hours of training a day

It’s 6.30pm and Lobjois then enters for the second time that day. “I train every night (1 hour 30 to 2 hours a day), in addition to that, when I’m not training, I do a two-hour physical prep with Aïello in the morning, which is currently the case” , the student is in the fifth year of medicine.

“Next year, my studies won’t match the competition, it will take too much time and investment. Fights are not easy to prepare for. Either you do it all the time or you don’t.”

He’s almost shy at first, but he has a determination and a strength of character deep within him that will make you jump right out. “It’s been hours, and sometimes it’s hard, I’m not going to lie, but it takes everything to get what you want,” he said again with a candid look.

Surfing, Skateboarding and Climbing

The sailor’s son, who lived in Martinique from the age of 8 to 16, was a natural competitor, “always” looking for performance. A follower of “Frenchman”, he is interested in “all martial arts”: British boxing, mixed martial arts… A multi-talented athlete who also prepares himself for “surfing, skating, climbing and running. Physically.

Recently, he ran a half marathon of 1 hour and 54′, with a reference time of 44′ for the 10km. On Friday, in front of thousands at the Brest Arena, including many of his relatives, he will take part in the Muay Thai Melvin Saint-Pierre bout from the Boxing des Abers. “A big, strong, powerful guy, but he has flaws. That’s what we’re going to work on,” Coach Bartonon analyzed.

‘Full of confidence’ on United Fight Night

Lobois, who “only entered Thailand this year”, will play his first bout in the discipline on the occasion of United Fight Night. The extra pressure of this perfectionist jack-of-all-trades? “I was a little worried at first, but I optimized my preparations. I will become more confident,” he said, relaxing. His trainer agrees: “He has enormous quality and he can perform Muay Thai with the French he knows. He has improved tremendously in recent months and his French title is testament to that.”

“A battle is not easy to prepare”

“Capable of doing great things,” according to Batonon, Killian Loobjois is about to put away his gloves and take a completely different route. “Next year I’ll be in year 6, and at the end of the year we’ll get our major through a competition. To get what you want, you have to be as high as possible,” concludes the very good student, whose goal is “dermatology. “. A “goal that’s out of tune with the competition and requires too much time and commitment. Fights are not easy to prepare for. Either you do it all the time or you don’t.” To go further academically, Lobois will rely on boxing What taught him: discipline, rigor, determination, stamina. Always follow the same mantra: “Even if the road is tough, stay focused on the goal”. His future opponent was warned.

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