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You announced your retirement in 2019…why did you decide to come back?

I’m injured – I won’t say where because my opponent (Adam Messaoui) will probably read this. This brought me to a sudden stop in my career. But when we reorganized the arena (for the first United Fight Night of 2020), I told myself I couldn’t fight in this room anymore. I only have one wish: to enter the ring. I said to myself that I needed one last fight to not get hurt and really told myself: “This time, it’s over, this will be my last fight”. I really want to end my career.

Is this really your last fight?

This time, for sure, it will be the last. However, I have been offered other battles. But then I took over the club and you can’t take care of yourself and the fighters at the same time. I will be a coach again and be president of the club. So it’s time to give way to those who are left behind.

At home, is it important to finish your career at home?

certainly! I was born and raised in Brest, Brest is my home! Done at home, in front of my audience, is huge! All my family, my friends, my club will support me. it will push me!

What was your state of mind before this fight?

I can’t wait to get in the game! Three delays, we climbed to the top, then fell again… This time, it’s the battle! On paper, I’m the favorite because I have more fights than my opponents, but I know this team well, they’re very strong, and I’m looking forward to everything.

What is the fondest memory of your career?

My first fight, after just six months of boxing, was in the Marcel-Cerdan room in Brest, a fabulous place. I fight first, against 2000 people. I was 21 and stressed out…I wasn’t in the right category, I met someone who was a head taller than me. I lost!

Another highlight was the French championship belt in 2017. It’s dedication, it’s just incredible. Then went to Thailand with the French team for ten days, it was amazing!

I still have a chance to beat Elias Mahmudi who was number 4 in the world at the time…a true pro! Of course, I lost, but I didn’t give up! The match was on TV, so I got a lot of information, which allowed me to fight Vatsana Sedone, a Thai who played over 80 matches. He won, but didn’t drop too much.

Do you also have bad memories?

Defeats, of course, but that’s what we are as athletes: We evolve more in defeats than in victories.

Do you have regrets about your career?

Not really. When I started boxing, I already had kids, I already had a job (he was a postman): I did my best, my best! Being successful in what I do has been incredible.

United Fight Night Schedule

7 amateur matches (from 6pm to 8pm)

1. Muay Thai (Category B – 57kg): Luna Pomares (Lorient) – Noeline Fortia (Plouédern)

2. Muay Thai (Category B – 71kg): Evan Philip (Morlay) – Jeremy Vischer (Rennes)

3. Muay Thai (Class A – 72kg): Sylvain Fiston (Vannes) – Ludovic Thépaut (Sabaï Gym Brest)

4. K1 Rule (Category A – 52kg): Carolina Bossa (Bandol) – Athénais Genty (Nantes)

5. Muay Thai (Category B – 81kg): Killian Lobjeois (Brest Star Boxing) – Melvin St-Pierre (Bourg-Blanc)

6. K1 Rule (Category A – 86 kg): Ugo Garcia (Bandol) – Axel Tièbe (Rennes)

7. Muay Thai (Category B – 67kg): Perpignan – Jean Guillero (Muay Thai Club Brest)

8 Pro games (starts at 8:30pm)

1. Muay Thai – 71kg: Joao Laigneau (France, Vannes, 2014 French Champion A) – Lissandre Mercier (France, Rennes, 38 fights, 32 wins)

2. K1 Rules – 60kg: Enzo Petricig (FRA, Montbéliard, Z1 Champion) – Fabio Loisi (FRA, Martigues, 36 matches, 33 wins)

3. K1 Rules – Heavyweight: Stiven Alla (ITA, 5 fights, 5 wins) – Alexis Kiti (FRA, Alamos, 10 wins, 6 wins by KO)

4. Muay Thai – 61kg: Samuele Iorio (ITA, 14 fights, 10 wins) – Xavier Bastard (FRA, Vannes, WPMF World Champion)

5. Muay Thai – 63.5kg: Sylvain Keon (FRA, Vannes, Brittany double) – Anziz Ahamadi (Sabaï Stadium Brest, Brittany double)

6. Muay Thai – 60kg: Adam Messaoui (FRA, Lyon, French Champion 2014) – Frédéric Manach (FRA, Thai Boxing Club Brest, French Professional Champion 2016)

7. K1 Rules – Heavyweight: Gianny Mitori (CON, 10 fights, 8 wins) – Pavel Voronin (MOL, double world champion)

8. K1 Rules World Championships – 70kg: Jonathan Mayezo (FRA, 2013 Super Kombat World Champion) – Georgian Cimpeanu (ITA, Quad Wako Pro World Champion)

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