Boxing: Does David Lemieux really stand a chance?Jean-Paul Chartrand Column

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War is brewing, and the first shots will thunder Saturday night in Glendale, Arizona.

David Lemieux, 33, who has seen many others, was the one who gave the battle cry: “If David Benavides wants a war, there will be a war, trust me… “

If the bookies are to be believed, David Lemieux (43-4-0-36 KO) has a slim chance of beating David Benavides (25-0-0-22 KO).

On the other hand, almost all connoisseurs agree that the fight will never be pushed to the limit by the power of the two fighters.

This game is especially important for Lemieux. If he wins, hopes of becoming a champion will be reborn. If he loses…that’s uncertainty.

Will he continue or will he hang up his gloves?

Incredible, but it’s been fifteen years since David Lemieux played his first professional race. On April 14, 2007, he won his first victory against a certain Jose Candelario Torres at the Montreal Casino.

Since then, he has learned the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat.

In 2015, he won the title for four months before handing the crown to Gennady Golovkin.

He has since gone 9-1-0 – 5 KOs, only losing to Billy Joe Sanders in Montreal in 2017.

Lemieux is now 33 years old. That’s eight years older than his next rival, David Benavides.

According to US insiders, Lemieux has little or no chance of beating Benavides. We really believe he’s going downhill and we don’t respect his striking power. Still, he showed 36 K-.O. In 43 victories, an average of 76.6% of opponents could not resist him.

The question we have to ask ourselves is: Is Lemieux capable of defeating a young opponent who has never lost so far and has a bigger punch than him?

In short, what is left for Lemieux? Its striking power? It’s always the last thing an old boxer loses.

Lemieux has won his last five fights since losing to Billy Joe Sanders.

Allegedly, his opponent was a second-rate boxer. Their overall record is 148 wins and 18 losses. At Benavides, his last five opponents are 117-7. On the other hand, we have to remember that the last four opponents of Benavides are all ranked in the top 50 in the world by Box Rec. This is far from the case with Lemieux.

Lemieux always looked good against the average boxer. But every time he faced a senior opponent, he found himself a loser. That’s what happened against Gennady Golovkin and Billy Joe Sanders, who was completely eliminated.

It will happen in his mind and we will see it from the first moment of confrontation. If he can’t get close to an opponent and has to fight from a distance, he’ll quickly be overshadowed. In order to win, he absolutely must break through Benavides’ defence, and so far he has had little respect for the Quebecers.

Benavides talked about his next opponent, Caleb Plante, much more than Lemieux in training camp.

In boxing, anything can happen. A good blow and trick played. Who would play this trick on each other?

prophecy: Benavides, K.-O. before 8 o’clockand round

Pascal’s Return

In Plant City, Florida, Jean Pascal will return Friday night after a two-and-a-half-year absence. It will be recalled that Pascal was suspended for six months for doping.

His task was not easy. he faces 8and WBC’s top contender and Artur Beterbiev’s crown. Fanlong Meng (17-0-0-10 K.-O.) has never failed and still dreams of facing Artur Beterbiev one day.

prophecy: Meng You decides

Hurry up… Zuldor drops to 44

Gilberto Ramirez continued his light heavyweight dominance by defeating Dominic Bothell by knockout. 4th. We have found his name in three major associations, WBC, IBF and WBO.

He stepped into the ring at 204 pounds, 29 pounds heavier than when he weighed in.

Yoka’s first failure

2016 Olympic gold medalist Tony Yoka of France (11-1-0-9 KO) visited the mat twice but lost to Martin Bakole (18-1-0-13 KO) on Saturday decision in Paris.

It was the first loss of Yuka’s career and the first time he found himself on the mat.

our saturday fight

Zhanibek Alimkhanuly (11-0-0-7 KO), second contender for the WBO middleweight title of Demetrius Andrade at Resorts World Las Vegas Temporary title fight.

The game will be broadcast on RDS2 and RDS Direct from 10pm.

prophecy: Alimkhanuly decides by

An idea from Arturo

Twenty years ago on May 18, Micky Ward won the honours for the first of three fights against Arturo Gatti. The fight was so good it was voted the fight of the year by the Boxing Writers Association of America.

Hi Amir

Amir Khan (34-6-0-21 KO) decided to hang up his gloves forever after a 17-year career and a humiliating loss to Kell Brook last February.

Retire well.

“Big baby is back”

Heavyweight Jarrell Miller (23-0-0-20 K.-O.) will return to action on June 25 in Las Vegas. Miller, 33, is a repeat boxing defender who hasn’t boxed in nearly three-and-a-half years.

The name of Miller’s rival Tyson Fury’s former training partner is currently unknown.

Crusher is back

After more than two years outside the ring, Sergey Kovalev (35-4-1-19 K.-O.) gives Tervel Pulev (16-1-0-13 K.-O.) back Victory, the first loss of his career. Kovalev played in his first bout at light heavyweight.

From football to boxing

Former San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore won his first career win by knockout. Against Yaya Olorenzola (0-2-0-0 K.-O.).

Gore is 39 years old, but he plans to continue his boxing career.

Good boxing.

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