Bitcoin, Ethereum and Evergrow Gain Coins as Markets Rebound

Could Bitcoin being the biggest cryptocurrency in the world be ready for a new price increase?

Bitcoin has just hit the $40,000 price point as cryptocurrency markets appear to rebound in mid-March 2022. The cryptocurrency price of $40,000 is an important bullish indicator for Bitcoin. The world’s largest cryptocurrency hovered around the $39,000 mark for most of March.

Ethereum is also making impressive gains as news of the important Merge event gathers momentum. If successful, Ethereum’s move to a new consensus mechanism could mean reduced gas fees, faster processing times, and reduced environmental impact for the cryptocurrency’s second-largest coin.

But new projects are also picking up pace with new mechanisms for making money in cryptocurrencies – many of them unrelated to cryptocurrency price movements. EverGrow Coin is one of the top rewards tokens that made exciting metaverse announcements in 2022.

Could Bitcoin be ready for a new price spike?

Current price: $40,5000

Specialist Bitcoin Investor Benjamin Cowen suggested this week that another price is likely given previous data. Bitcoin has grown repeatedly as soon as its price drops below an analytical marker called the bear market support line. Bitcoin is in this territory right now, which means it wouldn’t be a surprise for BTC to stay above $40,000 and beyond.

Bigger, Better, Faster Ethereum

Current price: $2,7000

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency token with a market cap of over $300 billion. ETH is up an impressive 5% in the last 24 hours on March 16, following important news of technical developments.

Ethereum faced sluggish transaction speeds and high processing costs last summer as activity strained its proof-of-work consensus mechanism. Ethereum functions like Bitcoin, with miners competing to record transactions on the blockchain for token rewards. But proof-of-work is expensive and energy-intensive, rejecting Ethereum’s founders for the idea of ​​switching to a new consensus mechanism called proof-of-stake.

Merger is the event where the Ethereum network permanently moves to proof-of-stake. It will take place before mid-2022. But attention is growing after the merger successfully took place on the Kiln testnet on March 15th. This is the ‘ultimate public testnet’ before Ethereum transitions and a big boost for investors.

EverGrow Coin – #1 cryptocurrency for passive income

EverGrow Coin is a new crypto token with a new focus: passive income from cryptocurrency. The project has paid out over $35 million in stablecoin rewards to investors since inception in September 2021. Based on Binance Smart Chain, EverGrow Coin already makes use of a blockchain system that is faster, cheaper and much more energy efficient than Ethereum or Bitcoin.

EverGrow Coin will launch the first of many apps this month, with Crator looking to attract cryptocurrency content creators. Crator will allow content creators to set subscription levels for their content, charge for live streams and also interact for free with users on the social media platform. Crator will charge a 5% commission on transactions, far below OnlyFans’ 20% commission and Patreon’s 9-12% cut.

EverGrow Coin’s next target is to partner with VR technology to create the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange, NFT marketplace and game arcade to earn in the metaverse. Abstract will launch in mid-2022 with plans to merge with the EverGrow Coin ecosystem before the end of the year.

All profits from the EverGrow Coin ecosystem will be used to buy back EGC tokens and increase the price, or paid directly as BUSD rewards. The positive volume means that EverGrow Coin should not rely on price fluctuations to pay passive income to investors.

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