Bitcoin Beach Original White Paper

This is an opinion piece by Mike Peterson, a longtime entrepreneur, philanthropist and author who is director of the Bitcoin Beach project.

Three years ago I attended a meeting that changed the trajectory of my life. The meeting was with a Bitcoin early adopter and philanthropist consultant who wanted to see Bitcoin used in meaningful ways to change lives. I left the meeting energized with the feeling that something radical was being born. I’ve always seen the world very differently, which can be alienating at times. Leaving this meeting felt the opposite. I felt I understood what this donor wanted to see, maybe even more than the counselor explaining it to me. I returned home and made the following unpolite proposal. I had a hunch that this donor wanted something very different. I don’t care about the procedure or the correct way of doing things (or even correcting grammar or spelling if you follow me on Twitter). I felt that this visionary Bitcoiner was a kindred spirit. They just wanted someone who could do the impossible and not make excuses as to why it couldn’t be. They wanted to see the world’s first Bitcoin circular economy emerge, and our team was crazy enough to think we could make it happen. The following feverish proposal was sent that night: a proposal light on detail and laden with naive idealism. Reflecting back three years after writing this – 2.5 years after the project was launched – it’s shocking that everything went according to plan.


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