Back in the ring, Élodie Bouchlaka sees further

Élodie Bouchlaka, a 29-year-old professional boxer licensed in Canohès, will be back tonight after more than two years out of the ring.

That’s it! After shelving her career during the Covid crisis and missing her restart with an ankle injury, the Norman-born, but Catalan at heart (arrived at the department fifteen years ago, editor’s note) ), Élodie Bouchlaka will be donning the gloves tonight in Tuluges. She will face Serbian Sara Marjanovic with the goal of leaving with the WBC Francophone international belt. “My opponent punches a bit like I’m going forward. Whoever loses gets out first.” A decisive fight for the rest of his British boxing adventure. “I haven’t had a fight in over two years, so I lost all my spots in the standings. Today, I have to win to get back on my feet and prove I’m still there and we’ll be counting on me forever.” But on the eve of her weigh-in yesterday, the man, sometimes referred to as a “leech” for his boxing skills, didn’t seem to be stressed yet: “I know what I have to do. My coach (Rodlin Mouloungi, Ed) One of the best in France.thank him, I have mastered my technique perfectly. So there’s no reason to be stressed, even though I know it’s going to arrive a few hours after the fight”she admitted.

win for home

Tonight will be an exciting time for a man who will be boxing at home, a rare moment since turning professional. “It’s great to be able to play in front of family and friends. I didn’t have the chance to do that because it’s really expensive to organise a night like this with us. I think my club has almost 30,000 euros for today’s event. I think It’s really big.” Inevitably, for Élodie Bouchlaka, these staggering amounts of money her parents spent had an impact on the way she fought mentally. “I know I don’t have the right to lose. I have to win to thank them for what they’ve done for me. Without them, obviously I wouldn’t be here.”, she assured. Her mother, Chantal Bouchlaka, president of Noble Art de Canohès, has set up an online kitten that is shared on Facebook to offset expenses as much as possible.

still ambitious boxer

At the age of 29, Elodie Bouchlaka realized that she was closer to the end of her career than to the beginning. I have to say that his current rhythm of life is out of tune with social life. “It’s really complicated to see family and friends when I’m getting ready to fight. When I’m done with night work, I go straight to training and then go back to the gym at 6pm. But hey, that’s the only way to be in boxing go further.” But before they drop their gloves, the residents of Canohès still have one goal in mind. “I think I’ll continue at a high level for two or three years. I really still have a lot of goals. For example, I regret not being at the World Championships. I definitely want to do it once.” If she is to achieve this, the French treble must prove from tonight that she remains one of the best players in her class.

Aristocratic art of Canohès settles in Toulouse

Club Noble Art de Canohès will be hosting a British Boxing Gala tonight (from 7pm) at the Naturopole Stadium in Tuluges. On tonight’s show, 8 matches between amateurs will be played before 5 pro matches. The public should be in attendance for tonight’s poster, which will be the “International WBC Francophonie” belt. Elodie Bouchlaka will defend the Catalans’ chances against the Serb Marjanovic. Members of the Canouhard club are fighting for the international title after winning three French titles. Before that, Noble Art de Canohès resident Emmanuel Maille will play his first professional match against Georgia’s Shervashidze under the benevolent eye of his coach, Daniel Dubuc. Iliberian Syed Chakel will also face Nantes Mammadov. The other two “pro” matches will see Casanova (Montpellier) and Beaufreton (Maraussan) challenge two Georgian athletes.

Educational Assault Boxing (37kg): Bolzer (Canoges) / Bernama (Blagnac).Students (60 kg): Piernot (Ste-Marie) / El Ghaly (Carcassonne).Students (69 kg): Oreglia (Canohès) / Mimoune (Blagnac). Juniors (64 kg): Beautrit (Canohès) / Bouta (BC Perpignan).Junior (64kg): Pitoiset (Canohès) /Aveline (Toulouse).Seniors (75kg): Tellier (Blagnac) / Charigues (Jacou).Seniors (75kg): Ferrando (Maraussan) / Reiki (Toulouse).Seniors (76 kg): Bertili (Canohes) / Belhadad (Toulouse).Professional (64 kg): Casanova (Montpellier) / Jvaridze (Georgia).Professional (81 kg): Beaufreton (Maraussan) / Kakashvili (Georgia).Professional (55kg): Chakeur (Elne) / Mammadov (Nantes).Professional (55kg): Grid (Canohes) / Shervashidze (Georgia).Professional (55kg): Bouchlaka (Canohès) / Marjanovic (Serbia).

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