“Attractive boxing in France”

Norman referee Robin Dolpierre has been president of the National League of Professional Boxing (LNBP) since February 1. He intends to revive professional boxing in France.

As LNBP Chairman, what is your priority?

The first task is to update the rules and sports regulations. It hasn’t been updated in eight years. We’ve also been busy updating everything related to combat, contracts, and more. Everything will be released soon, it is important to go through this update phase.

What are your priorities for action from now on?

Now we’re going to look at one main file, which deals with boxers. It is necessary to try to convince the elite 1 boxer to be laid off. This is an important topic because about half of us are not licensed. Some have already gone abroad, so we will look for a dynamic from this perspective.

How has the health crisis affected professional boxing in France?

The health crisis really hurts and we lost half our boxers. The fact that Elite 1 and Elite 2 boxers must be self-employed also slows things down. It’s hard for boxers to accept this, but it’s a mandatory standard in France. We cannot ignore it.

‘In France, most boxers don’t want to meet’

Exactly how to convince today’s boxers?

If we said to boxers “you’re going to make a living out of your sport”, I think a lot of people would come back. But we can’t promise them overnight. Especially since we have another difficulty: In France, most boxers don’t want to meet. This greatly prevents us from working, and may not be able to play interesting spell battles. Most people don’t want to play in the French Championship and only think about the international. But I think if we have a high level French Championship, they will come back. Some see it as a step backwards, but it’s a fresh start. Today we are trying to convince them that everything is in place to have attractive professional boxing in France.

Does the club agree with the policy you want to make?

I had a lot of conversations with the coaches and many people agreed with me. It is necessary to bring the French Championships back into the heart of professional boxing in our country. If we manage to convince boxers that this is in their interests, we will come a long way. Today, everyone needs to work in the same direction.

You are a referee, is it good for you to function as chairman of the LNBP?

My advantage is that I have met a lot of boxers and trainers. After Arnaud Romera resigned two years ago, I resumed the job naturally, not in the league because there is no league anymore. Many have given up. This federation is first and foremost a classification committee, a professional committee, but it is not a federation that will one day self-govern. But the work to be done is still important, which is why I am president.

How is your work at the French Boxing Federation organized?

We will work closely with Dominique Nato. It is important that we all have the same code of conduct. The most important thing, we agree with this, is to upgrade our French Championship, and our elite tier 1 boxers. All elite Division 1 boxers should make a living from their sport. Today, this is far from the case. If our league is really a league, we will have to seek partners and sponsors. But that’s not the case here. I’m not looking for a partner, it’s the case of the French Boxing Federation that we rely on. Dominique Nato is also working hard to find sponsors and partners.

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