Arkansas tornado rips through farm in video as cows flee flying debris

Arkansas has had confirmed tornadoes across the state as the areas deal with intense weather conditions.

Videos began circulating on social media showing tornadoes moving through communities.

A video showed a field with cows running in various directions as the debris flew towards him. In this same video, the roof of a barn can be seen being dismantled.

“Cows getting hit by tornado debris! Barn being ripped apart and causing power flashes,” wrote storm chaser Jordan Hall in the video’s caption. “What a day in western Arkansas. YouTube video in progress with epic wide-angle stores of GoPros and Monster hail. stay tuned.”

other videos appeared to show the tornado in the distance and highlighted the size of the tornado. Because it is engraved in the dark, the twister can only be seen briefly after flashes of light, in some of the videos.

The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed that a tornado hit several areas around the state capital, Little Rock, on Monday night.

“There is a confirmed tornado between Mayflower and Cato (in Faulkner County), with homes damaged at 8:10 pm CDT. The tornado is moving southeast toward Macon and Little Rock Air Force Base.” the NWS tweet has been read.

Intense weather is also expected in Arkansas on Tuesday.

Storms in central and eastern Oklahoma are part of another system moving behind the one that hit Arkansas on Monday night.

“This is a multi-day, multi-state, multi-threat severe weather event that begins today here in the southern US,” the Weather Channel reported.

In Little Rock, around 11pm on Monday local time, there were storms in all directions around the state capital.

The storm caused tornadoes and dropped large amounts of hail across Central Arkansas as it moved east toward Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky.

Another system is expected on Tuesday that will involve areas from northern Iowa to the southeastern coast of Texas and in Biloxi, Mississippi. These storms can also bring tornadoes, hail, and strong winds.

Videos from Cabot, Arkansas, showed the intense hailstorms the area had already suffered on Monday night.

WAPT TV meteorologist Christopher Pipkin shared a video on his Twitter page that showed repeated lightning strikes.

Ping pong-sized hail from Cabot around 8:36 pm near Allfam Bowling Alley,” Pipkin tweeted alongside a photo of a hailstone.

Another video appeared to show similar scenes in Conway, Arkansas, with heavy rain and hail.

“Here is the full video of my friend getting hit in Conway, Arkansas, with hail, straight winds and heavy rain that ended up turning into a PDS tornado that passed the Mayflower,” the video’s caption stated.

Stock image of a tornado in a field. Video footage emerged showing cows fleeing debris in a field during a tornado in Arkansas.

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