All Dungeon Fighter Duel Beta characters, ranked

With the second beta coming to an end for the thrilling anime fighter DNF Duel, we were able to gain solid control over the eleven characters present in the build. While they will no doubt see some changes ahead of the game’s release on June 28, 2022, the beta still had clear powerhouses that stood above the rest.

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However, that doesn’t mean that there are terrible fighters in DNF Duel, and in fact it’s the exact opposite. Each character brings something unique and exciting to the table, all of them being deadly in the right hands. But, as with most fighting games, some characters shone brighter than others.

11 inquisitor

Inquisitor isn’t a terrible character by any means, but his kit mostly relies on slow, punishing attacks that can be hard to land in a game as fast as DNF Duel. Also, she only poses a significant threat whenever she can perform her MP moves, but her meter drains much faster as a result.

We felt that the lack of a training mode in the beta greatly impacted the Inquisitor’s potential. Finding the right balance between spending MP for devastating attacks and controlling the space around you was difficult to understand in live matches. Still, she showed excellent promise in the right hands!


10 Vanguard

Vanguard in the DNF Duel

Vanguard suffers from a similar fate to Inquisitor, but is slightly better at maintaining its playstyle and keeping opponents at bay, though not an easy feat in a game like DNF Duel. In most other fighting games, Vanguard would likely be much higher on the list, but this game’s breakneck pace makes it fight quite often.

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Against the handful of characters focused on ranged combat, Vanguard will showcase his mid-range prowess and dominate the playing field with his unique skill set. However, when compared to speedy close-range fighters, he will give in the moment they remotely approach him, making him difficult to catch.

9 grappler

Grappler in the DNF Duel

In addition to being one of the most unique archetypes present in the DNF Duel beta, the Grappler falls short when compared to other short-range fighters on the list, such as Striker. While his handful of armored attacks give him some advantages in battle, it’s not enough to make him a threat to most other characters who outnumber him.

Grappler does a lot of damage and is fun to play, but he’s simply playing a very different style of play than seemingly everyone else on the list. Relying on getting close while managing your MP meter and keeping an eye on the opposition’s attacks is demanding and one of the highest risk/reward playstyles in the game.

8 Hitman

Hitman in DNF Duel

One of the best neutral players in the game is Hitman, who has a good mix of ranged and melee combat. Unfortunately, it can be quite challenging to find your opportunity to close the gap and go on the offensive. Most of Hitman’s damage comes from his scimitar, with his SMG acting as a way to lock his opponent in place and apply ranged pressure.

Overall, Hitman isn’t the worst character by any means. His playstyle is very specific and difficult to understand. Although, with that being said, Hitman is still an excellent character that packs a punch. Ultimately, he’s a character that would benefit from a training mode to reduce his gameplay to a science, and we expect him to be a much bigger threat in full release.

7 Forest ranger

Ranger in DNF Duel

The beta’s zoning fighter is none other than Ranger, who puts impatient opponents to the ground before they can react. Ranger can dish out combos from across the arena and close the gap with an elegant somersault that makes him fire shots below him, allowing him to continue his attack and deal an insane amount of damage.

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The Ranger’s lack of defense and responses when an opponent closes the gap on him is what keeps him from climbing higher in the rankings. Ranger is extraordinarily strong if you can confidently control the pace of the match and perform full-screen combos. However, this is a lot more challenging than it looks in DNF Duel, which keeps it a little out of the top five.

6 Phantom Blade

Phantom Blade in the DNF Duel

Due to Ghostblade being the new guy on the list in the second beta of DNF Duel, he has a strong showing and seemed almost unstoppable at first. However, as the days passed, Ghostblade began to slowly drop, making it easier to predict and tackle, which changed its positioning a bit.

Still, the number of players trying out Ghostblade forced everyone to adapt to his playstyle and get better at confrontation, which is probably more than half of the reason he seemed to lose steam over time. Overall, it’s not Ghostblade’s fault, but the lack of a training mode restricted his strong potential, and the sheer volume of people playing him made it difficult to gauge how good he really was in combat, putting him out of reach for the top. . five.

5 Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight in the DNF Duel

In the first beta, Dragon Knight possibly had the most potential, but most players couldn’t understand its unique moveset and couldn’t quite separate its move list into a training mode. And while the training mode was absent in the second beta, it seems like everyone who was in Dragon Knight before has retained the information they gathered in the first session and released this one ready to go.

Dragon Knight can soar through the air, send his adorable dragon to do his bidding, grab opponents with his dragon-headed gauntlet, and launch himself into ridiculous combos with lots of hit confirmations. Despite its high skill ceiling, Dragon Knight performed much better in the second beta and was dominant throughout.

4 attacker

Striker in the DNF Duel

While she is heavily reliant on being glued to her opponent, Striker overcomes this challenge with a wide range of hard-hitting moves and the ability to apply suffocating amounts of pressure on the hapless soul caught up in her barrage of attacks. Putting the opposition on a long-winded blockchain and capitalizing on their mistakes and impatience is the name of their game.

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Due to Striker having limited ranged attacks, she can be difficult to learn, but is perhaps one of the most rewarding fighters in the game as a result. Additionally, Striker was already a solid option in the first beta and has only gotten stronger since then, making it a formidable opponent in most situations.

3 berserker

Berserker in the DNF Duel

Berserker is a solid all-rounder in DNF Duel and is almost comparable to Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear Strive. He doesn’t do anything too spectacular, but what he does is strong, calculated and will win matches. And that’s really all that matters. He has excellent air attacks, spacing, and can trade his health for increased damage output, keeping everyone on their toes at all times.

Despite being super beginner friendly, Berserker still maintains a fun kit with a decent skill ceiling. Tackling him is challenging and exciting, and playing with him is an absolute blast. In terms of beta, Berserker is arguably one of the best characters on the list, and we hope he’ll remain in the discussion once the game launches.

two kunoichi

Kunoichi in the DNF Duel

Kunoichi is another character with an incredibly unique and profound moveset that worked against her in the first beta. However, similar to Dragon Knight, fans of hers came out strong in the second round of testing, looking to turn her potential into accomplishment. And they made it by a mile.

Aside from Ghostblade, Kunoichi was also among the most popular characters in the beta, but delivered strong performances throughout the weekend. Her overly aggressive nature feeds well into the exciting gameplay of DNF Duel, and she has excellent mixing potential that forces her opponent into potentially dangerous situations. Kunoichi’s pressure is unparalleled, making her one of the best in the beta.

1 crusader

Crusader in the DNF Duel

Depending on who you ask, Crusader was also the best character in the first beta and retains his title while carrying his massive hammer and portable wall. Crusader is possibly the only annoying character on the list to tackle, and that’s more than enough to put him firmly at the top.

His attacks hit hard, and his erected holy wall can turn his opponent into a ping pong ball as he relentlessly bounces them back with powerful blows from his mighty hammer. His range, defense, strength, and abilities make him the most intimidating character by far. This big strong holy boy is almost unstoppable.

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