Adrienne Bailon looks forward to meeting Tamar Braxton

Adrienne Bailon Fans were dumbfounded on June 12 after co-host “The Real” was invited. Tamar Braxton to be a part of his concert history “Feels Like Home”. “Feels Like Home” is a religious show that Bailon and her husband, evangelical singer Israel Houghton, began hosting last year.

Bailon extended the invitation while on Instagram Live on Houghton’s page after seeing a user ask if Braxton was a part. The 37 -year -old said, “Someone said you were inviting Tamar, and I was like Tamar singing at a‘ Feels Like Home ’. [concert]and worship is a marvelous thing.

Adrienne Bailon invited Tamar Braxton to her “Feels Like Home” concert on Instagram Live with her husband Israel Houghton. @sanfordjamal/Instagram

While the exact timing of the photo is not clear, the first video was posted on Instagram by a user named Jamal Sanford with the caption, “@adriennebailon and @israelhoughton want to join @tamarbraxton some of them Religious knowledge with Israel and New. Nation.I’m here for that.Let’s do this.They changed their caption by adding that Braxton reposted their video on his Instagram account by viewing Ana.

They said, “PS: Tamar republished this post and said below to form a different group where. She loved them both.

The mother of one read of Bailon’s invitation, “Do not tempt my stomach with the taste of nuts and honey. I will sing with you ANYWHERE I love you DOWN @adriennebailon @israelnewbreed. ”

A short time later, Bailon responded by sharing Braxton’s words. Bailon said when he repeated his first words about wanting the “All the Way Home” vocalist to participate in the concert, “I’ve always said that your voice is in all the oil! LOL Greetings to you Tay. Let’s fulfill… xx. “

When the reunion and reunion of the women from a repost by “The Shade Room” of the reunion was announced, fans expressed their admiration for Braxton’s performance. Bailon.

“I like how Tamar manages her relationship with real girls and Kandi and girls because you can tell she’s gone somewhere and wants love, just in a protective way. Oh, this is love! ”

“I’m glad to see you after the real show there ❤️.”

Adrienne Bailon plans to reunite with Tamar Braxton after the “Love and War” singer shared a picture of Bailon inviting her to Bailon’s “Feels Like Home” concert. @adriennebailon/Instagram

“Growing and maturing …”

“Sorry and forgot ❤️.”

Bailon and Braxton’s relationship ended due to the singer’s “Angels and Demons” not filming from “The Real” in 2016. After he left the world television show, Braxton thought of his teammates, including Bailon, Tamera Mowry, Jeannie Mai, and Loni Love, because of the nature of the shooting. The four women denied the allegations.

Despite the controversy surrounding Braxton’s exit from “The Real,” Bailon and Braxton were able to edit and follow each other on social media.

Last month the former true star was unveiled as Bailon’s letter of honor to partner Tamera Mowry helped mend Braxton’s relationship with the “Sister, Sister” star.

Braxton said in an interview on May 27 with “Entertainment Tonight,” For a while, our relationship with Tamera was so strained, we stopped following each other on social media, and I told her Telling you that it was a real moment that I had captured. Both of them really reminded me of the old days, they were very beautiful and magical. And I remember being a part of that. “

She added, “I really miss those girls. They are just like my sisters. So when I saw them then I just told them what I saw. and it really helped to rekindle Tamera and my relationship.I am so happy to have had the opportunity to talk to her and email her and catch up with her, and I really appreciate the opportunity to Heals all wounds, and we have the opportunity to truly grow and live under construction and elevate to the next level of our lives.

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