Abbott to Biden: Don’t Mess With Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s plan to transport illegal immigrants to Washington, DC, and drop them on the steps of Congress is one of those fun and effective moves that is clearly no joke.

It’s a deft political ping-pong play returning the ball to President Joe Biden, who served the Texas problem in the first place. While the Washington examiner reported, Biden’s abandoned immigration and border security policies hit Texas harder than anywhere else. The state received more than half of the more than 2 million illegals who crossed the southern border in 2021.

Abbott has 900 buses, capable of dropping around 4,500 migrants at Biden’s doorstep with just one trip each, although as no migrants will be forced to make the trip, the number will presumably be less than that. Abbott accurately laid the blame, saying, “We are sending them to the capital of the United States where the Biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people who are allowing them to cross our border.”

Biden is fully to blame for worsening the border crisis, having invited immigrants north during his election campaign, then stopped deportations of even criminal foreigners, ruined the “Stay in Mexico” policy and restricted prisons. He is now revoking Title 42 so authorities cannot reject migrants under COVID protocols, making the problem even worse.

Most presidents, including Barack Obama (dubbed “Chief Deporter” by his resentful left wing) drain much of the flow of illegal immigrants back out of the country. But Biden’s policy is like one of those rivers that don’t flow into the sea, but head inland and evaporate. The government does not drain illegal bystanders back where they came from, but allows them to leak into the US, disperse, and disappear into the general population.

Biden’s erasure of the southern border has also boosted drug smuggling, and law enforcement officials are warning of a rise in “fentanyl-related mass overdose” deaths as Mexican drug cartels take advantage of our president’s mismanagement.

Much of this is going unnoticed. The news coverage is mainly about the war in Ukraine, with the danger of losing American leadership, and about inflation, which is shrinking the dollars in your pocket by more than 7% a year. These are our main immediate challenges, but we must not let them overshadow Biden’s massive and ongoing failure to control the border or formulate a sensible immigration policy.

The public doesn’t want illegal immigration, but Biden is likely to break the record he set last year. This is undemocratic – against the law and the wishes of the people who elected him.

Abbott (and perhaps other governors) taking the problem back to its source in Washington, DC, is political theater, but it’s more than that. He is pointing out that Biden has nonchalantly imposed a crisis on states that cannot avoid them simply because of geography. The president happily walked away from the mess he’d made, leaving that to others to take care of. Now one of them is properly trying to get him to pay attention.

If hundreds or thousands of illegal immigrants show up in Washington, maybe Biden will realize the fact that it’s his problem and he should do something about it.


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