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The FF Boxe Congress, which took place at CNOSF headquarters on June 18, harmoniously documented the era that the discipline has opened at every level after a two-year shortage due to the coronavirus. it’s time!

Advantages of CNOSF

The AG was opened remotely as a video message by Brigitte Henriques.The President of the French National Olympic and Sporting Committee (CNOSF) has the opportunity to provide FF Boxe with satisfactory service, especially since it is able to “Find new practitioners by offering a range of practices” and “Diversify these content by making them suitable for all audiences, with a broad sense of inclusiveness in context”. Other benefits, increasing digitization and innovation, such as the implementation of an online survey titled “What kind of boxer are you?” And aims to best guide future experts in the noble arts.In short, Brigitte Henriques praised “Voluntaryism” FF Boxe, like other federations, with which CNOSF intends to collaborate “Co-construction”.

Great prospects at the end of the long tunnel

FF boxing chairman Dominique Nato has submitted his ethics report at the end of a too-long pandemic tunnel for a promising outlook. The first is the veracity and importance of the data, there are currently 50,247 licensees, 29% of whom are women, almost as many as before Covid-19 hit.Momentum regained thanks to “Clubs that go to great lengths to re-engage our former practitioners and attract new ones” also “Everyone who has mobilized in Hong Kong to organize professional and amateur boxing conferences” Finally, to “Regional and sectoral committees directing federal policy for the benefit of regional clubs”As for the regional committees, the agreement to bind them to the FF Boxe has been renewed in the form of a target contract for a period of three years.

After noticing the tricolor boxer starts again “Shine on the international stage, during the majors, both senior and young” And the DTN is getting the work and fighting order in place for the Paris Olympics, Dominique Nato insists on what’s being done by the various federal councils.and evokes the revision and correction organization of senior male and female CFAs by the National Amateur Boxing Council (CNBA); the training and consolidation of executive training by the Training Committee; this “upgrade” Fully promoted by the National Council of Officials (NOC); National Council of Assault Boxing Education (CNBEA) mandates that every boxer must have qualified technicians on their corners; RSO insertion labels for clubs deployed by the Federal RSO Council; The Legal, Rules and Regulations Committee, chaired by Marie-Lise Rovira, and the Ethics Committee, chaired by Michel Corbière.

“LNBP is off to a good start”

Not to be outdone by professional boxing “The National League of Professional Boxing (LNBP) is off to a good start”, according to Dominique Nato, led by new president Robin Dolpierre. Another warhorse, the professionalization of professional boxers, because 1Uh In January, taking social status while savage matchmaking, equivalent to the illegal exercise of the sports agent profession, will be severely cracked down. Another drift pointed out by the president of FF Boxe, multiplication, “Unacceptable comments and attitudes towards our officials in recent months, both on the pitch and on social networks”. and a warning: “We will be callous to those who disrespect our referees and representatives. The perpetrators will have to be severely punished by various disciplinary authorities. »

Nonetheless, FF Boxing is not alone, it intends to connect with other players who may contribute to the development of noble art in France, such as school and university sports organizations (UNSS and FFSU), Grandes Ecoles and registered co-living, juvenile justice protection (PJJ) and the Department of Prisons (DAP). Same as the number of entities that have renewed agreements.Effective vitality support “Good relationship with the National Sports Bureau (ANS) and fruitful exchanges”happy Dominica NATO.

“The agency life at FF Boxe has always been rich”

As requested by the exercise, FF Boxe’s secretary general, Marie-Lise Rovira, reviewed the events of the last exercise in more detail in her activity report. “The agency life at FF Boxe has been very rich this season”, she recalls in the preface. Among other things, cite the election of the National League of Professional Boxing (LNBP) and the Republican commitment contract signed by FF Boxe as a sign of compliance with the fundamental principles of the Republic (freedom of conscience, fraternity, equality, non-discrimination…). Additionally, there is an opportunity to sweep every aspect of Commonwealth life by recruiting five work-study students and one employee as part of a skills sponsorship, be it human relations (HR); planning to deploy digital management tools; or signing partnerships, particularly With equipment manufacturers Double D and Le Coq Sportif.

Accounting balance sheet surplus at the end of 2021

This was enough to strengthen the current recovery, which resulted in a wobbly and stumbling accounting balance sheet at the end of 2021, with a surplus of EUR 361,282.45, all sourced from the judicious management of its funds only through FF Boxe during the health crisis. It should be noted that the closing of the accounts for 2021 and the interim budget for 2022, presented by Treasurer Patrick Follett, received a generally unanimous vote.

Robien Dolpierre, president of the National League of Professional Boxing (LNBP), has made clear his priorities for action at the head of the agency: promoting French championships, increasing the number of professional boxing licenses, and even fighting Franco-French ‘If it scares French athletes’ And take action so that all the matchmakers are in order, in other words, none of them are outright illegal.

“No budget interaction in FMMAF and FF Boxe”

For his part, Serge Pautot listened carefully to the report of the French MMA Federation (FMMAF). In addition to its 1,950 licensees, the latter aims to be autonomous by 2025 and can be proud of the inaugural French Championships held last January; subsequently dispatched four competitors to Abu Dhabi World; Validation of code and disciplinary requirements, knowing that the training of technical managers and officers is in full swing. All from FMMAF’s own funds and donated by the National Sports Agency (ANS). “FMMAF is self-managing. No budget interaction with FF Boxe”repeating Dominic NATO.

Regarding the strict exercise program, National Technical Director (DTN) Mehdi Nichane reiterated his guidelines, in this case, “Build on what is already there” The existing, not the sweeping past. This is in all areas. This means in particular the strengthening of the implementation of coloured gloves, which must be possessed in order to be authorized to participate in various tournaments and even training sessions, for example, replacing the assistant dean of boxing with an assistant, and introducing a federal dean at the end of a one-year course. possibility.

A race against time two years before the Olympics

In terms of (high) performance, it’s like a frantic race just two years away from the Paris 2024 Olympics, in which case the systemic Copernicus revolution will await.First, it should “Prioritize our actions to achieve the goals that await us”Mehdi Nichane insisted, explaining that in the past twelve months, within the framework of the restructuring of the national technical guidance, it will take time, “Everyone adapts and finds themselves on the ground”. This is necessary because the scale of the task is unusually complex due to regulations. In this regard, Mehdi Nichane details the intricacies and subtleties of the different modes of Olympic qualification, we dare to write, through a new breakdown of categories that don’t necessarily serve Habs’ cause. For this, it was recommended not to cover the face and ordered the general requirement, initially in the selection criteria, there were four. Namely, athletic performance achieved in the last twelve months and against which opponents; fitness level and weight management and epidemiological dimensions (incidence of injuries) shown in the previous three months; effective participation in targeted actions; Seriousness and applicability to the project. with a subject: “Major events, namely the European and World Championships, are not a laboratory for learning. If you are not ready, you will learn more about failure »hammering DTN.

A Tribute to Diligent Servants of the Sublime Art

Such appointments would not have been accomplished without the recognition of the diligent and noble servants. Albert Mauriac, outstanding coach of the Tiozzo brothers in Saint-Denis, was promoted to Chevalier du Mérite de la boxe; Jacques Chiche, long support before opening the club on the 19th Outstanding Jean Bretonnele The Capital Region was named Commander, while FF Boxe Steering Committee member Bernard Benabdallah is now Boxing Merit Officer. In the past, the present and the future are in the spotlight, with world medalists Davina Michel and Samuel Kistohurry and recent European vice-champion club coach Lounès Hamraoui. As far as these shadow shapers go, it’s a pretty big symbol, as they’re more willing than ever to be associated with the flock line they used to be in the French squad.

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