A 6th Grader in the city of Texas gets to announce the day in honor of a 13 -year -old boy who died suddenly: ‘A day for kindness’

Jackson Mohr was credited with Erica Mohr

hello Erica Mohr Jackson Mohr

When Ricky Rodriguez found out that his friend Bianca Mohr’s older sister, Jackson, 13, had died of a heart attack on April 22, 2021, he was determined to lift his friend’s spirit and make a living. Different from his community.

Her main concern came from Rodriguez, now 12, writing a love card for Bianca. “I know! We need to have a Jackson Mohr Day, and maybe Bianca would feel better if I did that,” she told her mother, Erin Rodriguez, a digital editor for a San Antonio TV studio.

Ricky acted quickly. He started a change.org petition that collected about 4,000 signatures and called on government leaders in San Antonio to honor Jackson – who was named Cadet of the Year at the Texas Military Episcopal Institute in days before his death last year – by making a new holiday. Jackson Mohr Day, on April 22nd.

Rodriguez followed up the petition with a handwritten letter to San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg.

Ricky-writer-in-the-office-admired Erin Rodriguez

Ricky-writer-in-the-office-admired Erin Rodriguez

Erin Rodriguez was pleased Ricky is writing to the prime minister of San Antonio

“When he has an idea, he’s very conscious,” Erin said, adding that Ricky has severe autism.

The sixth -grade resolution re -issued a statement from the city on April 22 is now “Jackson Mohr Day.” Ricky’s appeal also included young people in San Antonio watching the special day by learning more about sudden heart disease – and doing 22 good things for people. Other.

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“It’s good for me,” Ricky said. “It’s going to be a day of grace, and the immediate detection of cardiac death.”

For Jackson Mohr’s family, Ricky’s work was encouraged. “I think what Ricky did was amazing, amazing,” said Jackson’s mother, Erika Mohr, 48.

“We’ve lost a good man, and Jackson’s legacy lives on in good standing,” he said. “That’s what our world needs.”

Jackson Mohr and his beloved sister Erica-Mohr

Jackson Mohr and his beloved sister Erica-Mohr

hello Erica Mohr Jackson Mohr, left, and his sister Bianca

Jackson was a seventh grader at TMI Episcopal who loved baseball and “was a quiet cheerful boy with a big heart,” his mother said.

On the morning of April 19, her husband Timothy found Jackson unresponsive in bed. “I did CPR on him,” said Erika, a flight attendant for Southwest, before EMS personnel took him to Jackson’s Methodist Children’s Hospital. He was on life support before his death in the days following a heart attack, which is the cause of the unexplained heart.

Jackson Mohr is right with his aunt and father by Erica Mohr

Jackson Mohr is right with his aunt and father by Erica Mohr

and Erica Mohr Jackson Mohr, right, with his family

For the past year, Erica and Timothy Mohr have volunteered with the nonprofit AugustHeart to bring free heart tests to San Antonio -area youth to diagnose problems with Jackson – Long QT Syndrome. – can lead to immediate heart death.

As part of the Jackson Mohr Day celebration at Jackson High School, her former classmates focus on doing 22 good things for others. At night in a local park, heart tests will be given.

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Ricky plans to go. “I’m glad,” he said, “people will find out more about sudden heart attack.”

Ricky Rodriguez and Pat Griffith by Erin Rodriguez

Ricky Rodriguez and Pat Griffith by Erin Rodriguez

and Erin Rodriguez Ricky Rodriguez and Pat Griffith

This is not the first time Ricky has helped others. A professional Scrabble player who competed in all countries and in Malaysia, he loved the helpful and friendly Scrabble man Pat Griffith.

Ricky played every week at the age of 86 until his death in 2020. When Griffith died, his family thanked Ricky for “competitive level Scrabble games.”

His generous use of his time, said Jackson’s mother, Erica, is typical of Ricky’s altruistic nature. “Not Ricky [creating Jackson Mohr Day] for herself and for us, she works for the children, “she said.” She works for the community, do good. “

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