5 Things you need to know about the Braxton family

The Braxton family consists of five sisters – Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar. The sisters were famous after their show. Braxton Family Propertiesstarted on WEtv in 2011. The show quickly drew a huge audience, triple the site’s visibility for the Tuesday 9 pm slot.

Each week, viewers listen to how the sisters navigate their personal and professional lives. Their mother, Evelyn Braxton, was nicknamed “Ms. E has met” with their brother Michael. Fans will soon see how the game progresses before their family circle or elsewhere.

And while the Braxtons have enjoyed seven seasons with the network, Tamar has announced that in 2021 the film will move to another network. According to Tamar, the agreements behind the scenes with the website about how the family will be present in the show are part of the reason for the move.

In 2022, the family announced that their youngest sister, Traci, had died of neck cancer. And while the Braxton family is known for their famous film, there is more to the group than meets the eye. Here are some things fans should know about the Braxton family.

They lost time in TLC

The first of the sisters, Toni Braxton, became a family name in the early 90s. Her sweet and passionate voices helped her gain fame in the music industry, with her first album taking number one on the. Papa pila 200 map.

As young girls, the five sisters formed the band “The Braxtons”. While the team didn’t win much, their single “Good Life” captured the attention of some of the biggest competitors in the industry.

While establishing LaFace Records, popular producers, LA Reid and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds agreed to sign Toni, a decision to end his career. As for the other sisters, the producers explained that they were not interested in another girl group because they had signed up to the famous R&B and hip hop trio, TLC. Fortunately, the sisters joined Toni’s side as record singers, and after doing their own work.

They don’t know how to cover up Tamar’s murder attempt

In an independent interview with ET, Trina and Towanda talked about the family struggle that led to Tamar’s murder attempt on the show. While they thought it was a good time to talk directly about mental health, many people didn’t appreciate the idea.

The family received a return from fans after the release of the seventh teaser that included a snapshot of their initial response to the news. Then, the situation escalated when Tamar expressed her anger about their decision to continue the show in her interview with Tamron Hall.

Pointing to the fallout from their decision to cover the event, Trina said “You should if you do, darned if you don’t.” However, they insisted they were clean after the move. He said, “If we can help someone, there’s a reason to keep doing the show.” Towanda, recognizing the importance of educating observers on how to kill loved ones, agreed, “A lot of doctors will tell you, you know, it’s important. to those who are committed to understanding the nature of the family, or the nature of your loved ones when you know it. decided to make that decision. “

In the end, the site continued with the show, covering the main topic in a respectful and informative manner, according to the family’s wishes. Responding to Tamar’s interview with Tamron Hall, Towanda said, “It’s important for Tamar to tell the truth, and that’s Tamar’s truth.” He added, “Tamara can tell her truth and we have a right to speak our own.”

The family remembers Traci in their own way

After their sister died of neck pain, the Braxtons were shaken. In an interview with Tamron Hall, Toni explained how her death had affected her and her family. He added that the family chooses to celebrate his life in different ways. While she was alive, Traci gave Toni some advice about her new Lifetime movie, “Fallen Angels Murder Club.” In the news of her passing, the site agreed to dedicate the film story in Traci’s honor. “

In an interview with Dish Nation, Tamar revealed that she shares a locket with her sisters in the form of a hummingbird, Traci’s favorite bird. Everyone carried Traci’s ashes in their locks, a symbol of their endless sisterhood. He talked about the reason for the hummingbird lock, “he wants to go with us everywhere.”

Tamar showed up with five hummingbirds on her back, each for her own and her sisters. Hummingbirds are believed to be symbols of light that ward off negativity so it’s no wonder why Traci felt a relationship with a quiet bird.

Braxton Family Values ​​was eliminated after seven seasons

Tamar was vocal about how happy she was with the way the site showed her family. She made several petitions to terminate her contract, accusing the network of spreading negative stereotypes of black women. Controversy erupted between him and the network even though he had not been involved in most of the sixth and seventh seasons. After he tried to kill himself in 2020, WE tv decided to release him from his contract with them.

Many were disappointed when the family continued the show, hoping they would be right with Tamar. In an interview with Wela 103.9, Towanda opened up about Tamar’s exit, the response from fans, and the way the show is moving forward. “We don’t know right now,” he revealed. “I think our family needs a cure.”

Were the Braxton family assets lost?

Throughout the process, the family took hits that could have been aired on WE tv. In 2019, they announced that their beloved daughter, Lauren, had died due to health problems. Not to mention the constant conflict between Tamar and the network administrators that has plagued everything. In an interview with Nick Cannon, he said getting involved was the reason for his difficult relationship with his sisters.

Since its release, fans of the show have been wondering if the family will return to the show. Although the family is determined to end the seventh season, the forecast for the eighth season is not good.

Although no announcement was made about the resumption of the season, it is safe to say that the family is recovering now.

However, segments of the show can also be downloaded on WE tv and other streaming platforms such as Amazon’s Prime Video, YouTube TV, Philo, and Spectrum TV.

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