5 things to know about Traci Braxton

The Braxton family is a group of music sisters who started their Hollywood career at a young age. Toni, Towanda, Trina, Tamar, and Traci Braxton stole the hearts of many with their spiritual and calm voices. Their passion for music has helped them find great people to help strengthen their parenting careers.

The girls get most of their musical talent from their mother, Evelyn, who is also a talented singer. They started Braxton Family Values, a seven -season film show. The story came to an end after a series of tragic events that severed the network’s relationship with the family. In 2019, Braxton’s beloved daughter Lauren Braxton died due to health problems. Tamar Braxton’s young sister tried to kill herself soon after, leading her to leave the show.

Two years later, the sisters revealed that their beloved sister Traci Braxton had lost her battle with esophageal cancer. The news shocked those who took to the social media to offer love to the family.

Even since the news was published, rumors of his death had been devastating. From whispers that her husband may be using her death for personal gain and wondering why the family did not arrange her funeral, these rumors have covered the legacy Traci left behind.

In addition to the wife and mother, the scholar wore other hats during his lifetime. He touched the lives of many people around the world and the fullness of love he received after his death is a testimony. Here are five things about Traci Braxton to celebrate her life.

He liked hummingbirds

After Traci Braxton’s death, Tamar announced that she and her sisters would take Traci’s inheritance independently. Hummingbirds have a special place in Traci’s heart so they keep a hummingbird lock to take her ashes with them everywhere they go.

Hummingbird drinks nectar from a flower

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Hummingbirds are believed to be symbols of enlightenment in many cultures so it’s no wonder why Traci felt a personal relationship for them. She had a fan of five hummingbirds representing each of the five sisters.

Hummingbird drinks nectar from a flower

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In an interview with Dish Nation, Tamar Braxton noted her sister’s love for hummingbirds. “He wanted to be a hummingbird and he looked at us as a hummingbird” he said before holding his lock on the basket, “So here is my eternal angel bird.”

He is a proud student at Bowie State University

Traci graduated from Bowie State University in Maryland in 1998. During her absence, she joined Zeta Phi Beta, part of the Omicron Gamma Chapter. Zeta Phi Beta is an old black group whose members appreciate the beauty of black and help other black people fulfill their own sense of what it means to them. As a member of the sorority, Traci Braxton frequently took to social media to express her support for her sorority sisters.

The great painter was a strong alum in his first school. She visited strangers at the school to talk to students about sex and relationships. During the opening session, she answered questions and gave advice to the students while talking directly about her personal information.

He made his own film

The Braxton family is not ashamed of the great role their faith has played in their lives. He grew up in a religious family whose faith remained with them until they were old enough. Traci Braxton is no different. In 2018, he made a film called The wicked are wanted about a young priest’s fight with his congregation to help an abandoned prostitute. He was a star, Nana, the grandmother of the priest who helped raise him from an early age.

For Traci, acting like she really is. In an interview with Sheen Magazine, she said “Nana loves her granddaughter and I love my granddaughter, that’s my baby!”

And when asked about the concept of forgiving the film, Traci Braxton honestly replied, “She’s right with me. I forgive people all the time.” You know I forgive but I will never forget. I believe it is important to forgive others. “

He is an up -and -coming actor

While she is best known for her beautiful singing voice, Traci Braxton is an actress with a well -known list of performance credits. He has been seen in many movies Chaaw, The Christmas Lotterya The wicked are wanted. He was a star in theater There is a stranger in my house with actress Jessica Doby and The WireTray Chaney. In addition, she made a cameo in Toni’s music video for her single “Make My Heart.”.

In an interview with Tamron Hall, Toni Braxton talks about how Traci often gives advice and gives feedback on Toni’s film Lifetime. To celebrate her life, Toni announced that she and the Lifetime team will dedicate the film to Traci to preserve her legacy.

His music is on Billboard

Although Traci Braxton began her career in the music industry with her sisters, she found her way as a music artist soon after the group split. When Atlantic Records barred Traci from moving forward with the company because of her pregnancy, it did not stop hurting her.

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After her promotion, Traci joined media conglomerate Entertainment One under eOne Music and Soul World Entertainment. A year later, he released his first single, “Crash & Burn”. His lead single “Last Call” received 4,000 sales in its first week, ranking at number 108 on the Billboard Hot 200. His album also reached number 11 on the Billboard R&B Albums chart.

He will start releasing his second album in 2018 to the delight of his fans. He planned to release his third album before his death.

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