10 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Monica Geller

Monica Geller was without a doubt the most mature character in Friends. A mother by nature, she enjoyed being in charge of the group dynamics and taking care of her friends, whether it be giving Rachel a home or supporting Joey’s acting efforts.

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Monica can be occasionally irritating and overly intense, but Monica’s lifestyle and mindset still teach fans valuable life lessons. She goes through a lot of ups and downs throughout the show’s 10 seasons, but she never gives up or backs down. Monica is a true role model, and her storyline remains appealing to millions of twenty-somethings watching the show.

10 Helping others goes a long way

During the pilot, one of the Friends‘ best episodes of all time, Monica lets Rachel live with her, kicking off the entire series. This kindness allows Rachel to start a new life, which cements Monica and Rachel’s sisterly bond and starts a new chapter in their lives.

Sometimes people don’t realize how much a single action can mean to others. Monica didn’t need to take Rachel; she had no way of knowing how much her life would change for the better by doing so. People can help themselves by helping others, even if they don’t always realize it.

9 Letting go isn’t easy, but it’s for the best

Monica has three significant relationships over the course of the show, and ends two because she realizes they have no future. Her breakup with Richard is particularly difficult for her, and she even describes forgetting about him as “the hardest thing” she has ever had to do.

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People can become overly attached to others to the point that they cannot imagine living without them. However, it’s important to let go of unhealthy relationships or they just don’t work. It can be difficult and painful, but eventually it will be for the best.


8 Getting fired is not the end of the world.

Monica dressed for work at an old-fashioned themed restaurant in Friends

In season one, Monica is a successful chef on her way to one day leading her own kitchen. However, she is fired during the second half of the season, forcing her to become a singing waitress at a 60s-themed restaurant. Eventually recovering, Monica succeeds and becomes a head chef.

Monica is thus an example of perseverance. She gets depressed and a little lost after losing her job, but she doesn’t let it get her down. Sometimes people don’t fit into certain jobs and may even get fired. However, it is not the end of the world, but a momentary setback. Getting fired is not necessarily a sign of failure and can even be an opportunity to move on to better things.

7 Love can hide in the most unexpected places

Chandler and Monica dance on Friends

Monica dreamed of finding her true love since childhood, but her love life as an adult was nothing like she thought. Monica’s Most Memorable and Meaningful Relationships in Friends (Richard, Pete and Chandler) all came to be under unconventional circumstances: Richard was considerably older, Pete had to make his way into her heart, and Chandler was the love that was always there but she never recognized him.

People can sometimes have a clear idea of ​​love, only to find it’s something else entirely. Monica had to adapt her expectations and consider the opportunities that life presented, which millions of people will too. Sometimes love can be in the most unexpected places, perhaps with an old family friend or someone who might not seem right at first.

6 Cleanliness is highly appreciated

Highlighting Monica's obsession with cleanliness in Friends.

Most of Monica’s comedy revolves around her need for cleanliness. From going to her brother’s ex-girlfriend’s apartment at night to buying cleaning supplies to washing a dirty car parked on the street, Monica is the so-called “cleaning freak”.

Most of your friends find your habits annoying or over the top, but the truth is, cleanliness is a must, and few people excel at it. For example, a clean apartment speaks highly of who lives in it. Personal hygiene is also crucial, and someone who looks sharp and smells good will go a long way.

5 A traumatic childhood shouldn’t define our adult lives

Ross and Monica are the best sibling duo. They may have differences, and Monica greatly resents the attention he gets from his parents, but she never lets it get in the way of their relationship. She also doesn’t hold a grudge against her mother, who often treats her carelessly or cruelly.

Monica had a rough childhood living in Ross’ shadow and dealing with weight issues. However, she chooses not to let these things define her adult life. It’s hard to let go of childhood trauma, but eventually it’s for the best. Some pain may never completely go away, but that doesn’t mean people can’t learn to deal with it.

4 Rules can be fun

Monica was the strictest and most faithful member of the six friends. She loved rules because she recognized how important they are to something really working. Sure, rules can be boring or restrictive, but they’re there for a reason.

The world often glamorizes rule breakers and rebels, and while some rules are outdated and must be overturned, others are vital to a healthy and correct coexistence. Breaking rules may seem appealing at a young age, but maturity sometimes means recognizing that following a specific directive isn’t so bad. In fact, some victories taste sweeter when achieved by the book.

3 There’s nothing wrong with being the best

Monica and Rachel in FRIENDS

Highly competitive and always demanding the best of herself and those around her, Monica loves to be the best. She works harder than anyone, always giving 110% in everything she does, whether it’s a cooking class or a casual game of ping pong. Monica also loves to rub her victories in other people’s noses, which may be unsportsmanlike, but it’s a great comedy.

Although Monica takes her desire for victory to the extreme, she also displays a refreshing comfort in being the best. People can often feel self-conscious about standing out and instead try to blend in with the crowd. However, there is nothing wrong with excelling at something and being proud of it. Each person often has to be their own cheerleader before others recognize their achievements.

two Life isn’t always as we planned

Of the six friends, Monica is the one who had her life planned out. From childhood, she chose the names of her children and imagined how perfect her life would be. As an adult, Monica realized that her life didn’t go as planned; Richard did not want children, and his professional career had more ups and downs than anticipated. After marrying Chandler, she discovered that they had trouble conceiving.

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However, Monica showed resilience and allowed nothing to stop her. She adapted to her circumstances, quickly accepting that plans don’t always work out. Life is too wild and unpredictable to anticipate, and people need to understand that just because things don’t go according to plan, it doesn’t mean they are any less significant.

1 Do not be afraid of change

Monica and Ross are Friends‘ more stubborn and unshakable characters. However, they both grow seriously over the course of the show, eventually overcoming their pride and learning to compromise. Monica, in particular, displays a gift for adaptability that few people have.

Things aren’t always easy, and Monica often gets into sticky situations, but she never allows herself to get stuck in a problem. People need to be flexible and deal with the many changes that life throws their way. Nothing stays the same, but the key is not to fixate too much on anything. Monica is the perfect example of how a person can learn from change, thus becoming a better person.

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