10 amazing sports anime no one talks about

It can be difficult to wade through the richness of anime, but there are many diverse genres of stories out there that can help simplify the process. Animes that focus on the competitive worlds of sports make up some of the most popular series in the medium.

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There are many conventional sports anime like The Prince of Tennis, Haikyu!!and Kuroko no Basketball that cover the biggest sports. However, some of the best sports anime out there are the smaller series that have escaped the cracks.

10 Running with the wind catches your breath and reaches new heights

The catalysts that kick off sports anime events are often even more important than the sports themselves. run with the wind it’s more about your main character’s ambivalence towards his excellent skills as a runner than anything else. Fate unexpectedly intervenes when Kakeru witnesses a case of theft and his inherent speed kicks in as he leaps to the rescue.

Kakeru believes he’s done with the race, but his inability to escape that fate turns into a rewarding struggle for the character. run with the wind It’s hardly the most flashy anime about running, but it deserves a bigger spotlight.

9 All out!! Create an attractive group of rugby rivals

All out!! occupies that comfortable mainstream territory that doesn’t try to rock the boat. There’s a lot to like about All out!!, and had the potential to become one of the biggest sports series. However, instead it became an awkward footnote from the 2010s.

All out!! looks at a brave high school rugby team working to become champions. All out!! It has fun characters and doesn’t prolong its matches, but rugby may not have as much appeal in Japan.

8 Baby Steps is a loving look at how everyone needs to find their passion.

baby steps is a tennis anime that is a comforting and cozy experience. The anime’s protagonist, Eiichirou, mistakenly joins a tennis club as an easy way to fit some exercise into his busy schedule. Eiichirou is used to a strict lifestyle where responsibilities and studies overwhelm him, and he’s stuck doing what he believes he should be doing instead of what actually brings him joy.

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The freedom of tennis opens Eiichirou’s eyes and sets him on an inspiring path of discovery. The revelations Eiichirou discovers about himself are as satisfying as any of his victories on the tennis court.

7 Over Drive accelerates your heart and never loses your optimism

Certain sports anime series find their main creative motivation in portraying athletes who are at the top of their game. Overload is a cycling anime that takes the opposite approach, and its main character, Mikoto Shinozaki, doesn’t even know how to ride a bike when the series begins. Mikoto is not athletically inclined, but his whole life is a mess and he desperately needs inspiration.

Mikoto’s foray into his school’s cycling club comes with low expectations, but he discovers a promising new side of himself. The small scale nature Overload helped it remain a cult classic over the years, but its history still has a lot of steam.

6 Birdie Wing: The Golf Girls Story is a thrilling adventure that turns golf into a superpower

Some sports are chaotic clashes of strength and athletics, while other activities are more contained affairs that emphasize other skills. Golf, for example, is a more relaxed sport, where a round can be played over the course of a day, rather than having a time limit.

Birdwing: History of the Golf Girls is a new anime series but it is already proving to be one of the most fun anime of 2022. Two golfers, Eve and Aoi, who have very different approaches to the sport, are ready to dominate the underground golf circuit. It’s as satisfying a character study as a sports series.

5 The Gymnastics Samurai is a moving story about getting back on the beam

Sports anime is a natural fit for the underdog trope, and The Gymnastics Samurai is a quaint little series that explores some familiar ideas in very satisfying ways. Joutarou’s promising gymnastics career is cut short after he suffers a tragedy and an injury. Years later, Joutarou wants to prove that he still has what it takes.

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The theatrical nature of the anime and the powerful redemption arc that Joutarou experiences are phenomenal, but The Gymnastics Samurai it’s also a MAPPA production, which means the animation looks beautiful too.

4 Re-Main explores how tragedy can remind someone of their true passions

Water polo doesn’t get much attention in anime, which makes Staya 12-episode anime from MAPPA, the definitive water polo series. Stay remixes many ideas common to the sports genre, but at no time Stay never felt boring or derivative.

Minato is a water polo sage who wakes up from a coma with no memory of his field of expertise. Minato struggles with whether to forge a new path in life without water polo or return to his past love, albeit as a humble beginner. Stay is a beautiful story about perseverance, identity and the importance of passion in life.

3 Keijo creates a surreal spectacle of a silly sport

Most sports anime exploits existing recreational activities that are played out in the real world. However, anime has a talent for the fantastic, and series like keijo are more interested in creating their own sports. keijo it’s one of the weirdest sports anime out there, and it’s almost too weird to be true, which is perhaps why it’s a show that has escaped so many people.

The top sport in keijo puts women in competition with each other as they use their bodies to knock their opponent off-limits. keijo doesn’t want to be taken seriously, and succeeds as nonsense with oddly convincing stakes.

two One Outs becomes a game of wits instead of brawn

Sports anime is a popular niche in the industry, but there has also been a steady push towards over-the-top gambling series and mind games of death. An outlet is a 25-episode anime series that is technically about baseball and set in Japan’s Pacific League, but it’s much more about mind games than ball games.

An outlet seems different from most sports anime due to how it is more interested in the psychological aspect of its story, focusing on increasingly reckless gambling. Inside An outletPlayer pay is based on how well they play the game, which is another fun layer to this tense series.

1 Ping-Pong The Animation brings your fast-paced brawls to life with vibrant visuals

Sports anime can become satisfying surprises because they have an amazing ability to take ordinary activities and describe them as unbelievable spectacles. Ping Pong Animation centers on a humble ping pong club and the fierce competition that arises when a new player enters the scene.

The sport itself and the series’ trajectory are not revealing at all, but Ping Pong Animation comes from Masaaki Yuasa, one of the most inventive names currently working in anime. Ping Pong Animation offers delirious action and visuals. Anyone checking out the show will find it impossible to look away.

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